Sunday, March 9, 2014

more from the show

OK, here's the next batch of 8.  Some really cool, gorgeous works here!!

 I LOVED these chickens!!  SO pretty and realistic.
Oh my gosh, there is NO WAY a picture could do this quilt justice.  Beautiful and life-like.
 I'm really getting to like the more modern quilts but still love the 'old-timey' ones, too. 

More to come!!


Denise :) said...

What beautiful quilts!! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- did you know you're a no-reply blogger? The Christian Atheist is a tremendous read and really has made me stop and think about what I believe and how I act out my faith!! :)

Doniene said...

What amazing quilts! Thanks for sharing!!

JoAnne said...

I've just found your blog and became a follower. I'm drooling over all of your posts about the Dallas Show. Some of the same quilts were at Midatlantic, but there are a lot more at your show that I haven't seen. Wow! The applique!! The pictoral quilts! I could never do one of those, but they fascinate me at how realistic they can look! Just amazing.