Monday, March 31, 2014

On my 'design floor'

The blocks above will ultimately go into a QOV.  They are the blocks we used to make for HOB but they were pretty darned easy even for the beginners in our quilt ministry at church so I cut a ton in red, white and blue for QOV.  They languished for quite some time in a box in our 'quilt closet' so I brought then home a while back and have finally begun working on them.  For QOV, I need a 4X5 setting so that, with sashing and borders, they'll be large enough.  That means 11 to go for this one!

(Since I've had a couple of question re: the mention of HOB above, thought I'd just share a link for anyone who's interested to check out.  They are/were quilts made for families of soldiers who've made the ultimate sacrifice..just a small thank you for the service and sacrifice their loved one made. )

I didn't take a new picture because then I would've had to lay out all the blocks again and pick them up again (since my design 'wall' is not in place yet..still more to work on in the sewing room).  But I am so close to having enough and just need to push to the finish.  May get them completed today while watching opening day of the Texas Rangers (which I'm looking forward to with fear and trepidation given their injuries!!!!!).


Rebecca Grace said...

QOV and HOB threw me for a loop. Quilts of Valor??? But I don't know what HOB could mean.

I used to have a Design Floor, too -- I feel your pain! Even now, the design wall we built a few months ago has turned out to be too small. I'm waiting for life (kids, work, husband's travel schedule) to slow down for a minute so we can get some more foam board, wrap it with batting, and get it attached to the wall of my studio. Because I have a project that is languishing and driving me crazy -- I have a center medallion applique and a bunch of on-point border blocks, but I can't fit them all on the wall to see how much space is left between them for pieced borders. I know that designing on the floor is annoying, but it's equally frustrating to have gone to the trouble of building a special design wall and then realizing it's too small to be much good!

Ramona said...

I'm stumped on what HOB means, too. Love your blocks though. What a great QOV they will make.

Sue Daurio said...

Beautiful blocks!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blocks. You have been busy. Unless the Rangers improve, you may get lots of quilting completed. You can just listen!

I enjoyed your pics of the Dallas Quilt Show. I made a fast trip through the show. I live in Coppell and found you on Mary Quilts Blog.

Keep up the great quilting.