Saturday, March 8, 2014

New blocks

Well, once again I got distracted by yet another project.  I browse through blogs quite a bit and whenever I see a quilt that 'calls to me', I save the picture to my pictures library.  I was messing around with some photos a couple of days ago and ran across this quilt.  I was like 'cool, strings..I LOVE strings' so got busy and made a few blocks so I can go back to it later.  If I actually have some blocks made, it's so much easy to go back a little later and do more.  These will finish at 8" so I think 8x10 will make a good size for a donation quilt.  Then I actually did a few more of Kevin's blocks but will make some more before I share again with you.

NOW, I'm off to the Dallas Quilt Show..always a fantastic show and should have some great photos to share with you later.

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Cathy Daniel said...

Ha ha! I love the way quilts "call to you"! It's funny how that happens. Certain patterns and colourways just grab our attention - and its always different for different people! Enjoy the show. xCathy