Sunday, April 27, 2014

A theme going on?

I've been working on an older UFO and two NewFO's that seem to have a commonality in the colors, yes? 

This is Bonnie Hunter's  Scrappy Mountains Majesty and everytime I see it I think to myself  'you really need to make one of those'.  So I figured if I got a few blocks done, that may be just the kickstart I need to work on it.  Right now I guess I'm in a routine of working on QOV donation quilts although the next one will be for me!  Selfish, I know, but what can I say?  LOL

This one I've shown on my blog previously.  It was a Moda Bake Shop project and can be found  here.  Shouldn't be a hard one to get finished before this 4th of July if I'd just keep pluggin'.

Last but not least, this patriotic snowball I started awhile back.  I've gotten two more rows sewn and have another laid out to sew.  Another I need to keep pluggin' on so I can call it done!!

Finally, a gratuitous female cardinal pix simply because I could NOT get a photo of the 3 baby Carolina wrens who are about to outgrow their digs and fly the coop.  They are SO cute and get as low and far back in the nest when I try to get a peep at them.

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JoAnne said...

I'm really liking your color theme, ha ha! The quilts are great. How cute that you have 3 baby wrens. We have Carolina wrens at our house, too, but no babies. I put out lots of mealworms for them and the blue birds. Have a great day.