Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poppin' out all over!

I haven't taken photos of my progress on some of my blocks but I do have a couple of photos of some of the lovely 'springness' popping around here.  I haven't gotten the bluebonnets (our state flower) but they are GORGEOUS and I will get a photo here in the next day or two.

I had to make one of my soda runs up to OK today and what a beautiful time of year it is to make the run.  The beautiful redbuds (OK's state tree) are in full bloom everywhere and I was ooo'ing and ahh'ing all the way up and back!!  While making the run, I also try to grab a few geocaches while up there and was able to get three today (check the link if you're interested in finding out what geocaching is all about).  I DID remember to take my camera this time and got a few nice photos of the creatures great and small encountered during the trip.

And I was fortunate enough to be just ahead of all of this--baseball sized hail that was smashing out the windows of cars as seen below.  There was also a storm that moved across Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) where there are lots of people in trailers and motorhomes eagerly awaiting the races that will begin tomorrow.  Seems this kind of weather always happens when there's a large camping contingent at the speedway.  YUCK, mud!!





Doniene said...

I LOVE redbuds!!! WE have a few blooming here now, too!!

I love to geocache!! My daughter has it on her phone and it is one of the things we do when we get together!! What a fun day!! Thanks for sharing!!

Pickles Quilting said...

Beautiful photo of the tree. I have only been geocaching once, but it was SO fun! I am very happy that my husband and I decided against going to TX for the NASCAR race...that hail looks horrible! -Brittany