Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've been working on my star block for Quilt Doodles and hope to have that posted later today.  But while I was out and about today (with camera in tow), I took a few shots I'll share with you.  These behemoths live right down the road from me.  I always think 'man! wish I had my camera' but I never do.  Today I did!

 Doesn't this look comfy?  I think I'd get a crick in my neck real fast!
 So he was either getting a crick or heard the snapping of the camera and decided to pose!
 Isn't this pretty?  This is a landscaping company outside the gate.  They have such pretty plantings and I went for the poppies but left without getting the picture.  Will hafta go back.
 Some pretty little flowers--maybe a wild native species.  No clue.
And such a pretty little bench in the shade. 

Better get OFF the computer so I can maybe finish that star strip and get more rows together on the 'partial string' quilt I've been working on!!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Great pictures Sherrill - and those horns would definitely be a burden in many ways! blessings, marlene

JoAnne said...

Love the bridge!