Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The color purple (or is it?)

The So Scrappy challenge color for April is purple (or it might be orange or something else)!!  So whatever the color, I got busy and made a few purple blocks.  My intention is to make more bowties and whatever the other block is in each of the different colors and make donation baby quilts.  These blocks are so easy I think I can do it (well, I mean, I KNOW I can it's just a matter of following through..know what I mean?  LOL).

And even my wisteria is the right color for the month (or is it) of April--YAY, that's a good thing!!  I have gotten several more blocks together, maverick stars, the red/white/blue I showed the other day (even did some of those in a different colorway which will either be for the mission house or women's shelter) and more of the string blocks.  So hopefully before too long I'll have some flimsies to show.


karen green said...

These blocks will make great comfort quilts. Love the flowers. I so want warm weather. It is at freezing this morning.

Deb A said...

Such pretty blocks. Yes - you got it right with purple. Love the pretty purple flowers.... I really miss the purple lilacs from up north in May.