Saturday, May 24, 2014

VERY unproductive

I have been very unproductive this week to the point of getting mostly NOTHING done!! 

After last week's workshop, I haven't even touched the project.  Even left all my stuff out in the garage for a couple of days..YIKES!  Finally brought it in but most of the supplies remain in the bag.  I did get a few more of the Scrappy Mountains Majesty blocks done.

I'm thinking since these finish at 8", an 8X10 setting plus border will be a nice size for a QOV.  I actually have two more blocks but they need to be ripped and re-sewn so naturally they're not pictured.

I smoked a brisket yesterday over at my nephew's and, for some reason, he has a TON of these little tiny frogs.  Some of these are itsy bitsy.

I made one of my frequent soda runs on Thur. and the little 'mom and pop' store was having their 60th anniversary (they're as old as I am!  HA).  They were having some sales where items were 60 cents, $1.60, etc. but this was the bargain of the century!!  (well, if not it's close)  The store brand macaroni and cheese was 5 cents a box!!!!!  So I got $5 worth--100 boxes!  Most of this will be for donation to the food pantry but my nephews snagged a few boxes.

And my favorite feeder visitor was so pretty in the green grass that I had to take his picture.  So pretty!!

And last but not least, I had a bit of a melancholy trip back in time on Wed.  I was taking a dear lady from our church to her radiation treatment and it was to the hospital where I first took Frank after his GBM brain tumor was discovered.  This was the hospital where I had my meltdown in the ER after his leg blood clots were discovered.  Brain cancer and then blood clots--it was all too much for me at the moment.  But this beautiful Chiuhuly (sp?) 'tree' is on display in the lobby..GORGEOUS.

Gotta go get ready to volunteer with the Bountiful Baskets in an hour.  Taking my 8 yo nephew who wants to 'help'.  We'll see how that goes.  Wish me luck!!


JoAnne said...

Love the red bird and the Chihuly glass. And the scrappy mountains are looking good too. As for the Kim Diehl project, I've started the flower and vine applique - BY HAND!!! So, this project will be long term!

judy said...

Ok what does QOV mean? Do you have a name for your bird....everyone needs a name.
Your quilt piece is really neat...Wish I had the ump to do something like that