Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Father's Day gathering for me

Since both my daddy and my dear hubby are gone, there's no celebrating Father's Day for me anymore.  I have one son who's a daddy so I wished him a happy day but no family dinner, no dinner out.  Just kinda sad...

Still and will always miss you both terribly!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

70th anniversary of D-Day


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My mojo is no mo

My desire to quilt/sew anything has left and when I think about a project, it's only for a minute or two and then I move along to something else.  Hopefully it will return sooner rather than later!!  But I have been doing a little here and there.

I took the rugrat nephews to see Maleficient last week and it was really good.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Then we did a little geocaching and visited a nature center where we saw a bluebird on Bluebird Trail (LOL), 3 deer and a turkey or two.  Fun day!!

Then I just HAD to show this ginormous tomato I picked!!  I have NEVER had any luck growing tomatoes but had the 'magic tomato' that survived and bloomed in my garage over the winter with no heat lamp, no nothing.  I've gotten several tomatoes off that plant; however, this is not one of them.  It's on it's last leg but that's OK..was amazing while it lasted.  All my plants (of which I have THREE) are in pots on my patio.  While they wouldn't serve large groups of people, it's enough for me although I'd never have enough to can or 'put up' for future use.

Last but not least, I canned jam today!!!  I am not nor ever have been much of a cook at all but my buddy Judy over at Patchwork Times inspires, enables, gets me in 'trouble' and this was one of those times.  She posted a recipe for chocolate raspberry jam the other day when raspberries were on sale at Kroger for 99 cents.  Course I had to run down and get some and today was the day to try my hand at jam making.  I made it and put in the water bath per Judy's instructions and all the little lids have popped so I'm itching to try it but need to get something better than an old store-bought loaf of bread to try it on.  Will letcha know (if I live to tell abou