Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Flimsy

OK, again, DON'T FAINT!!  I bought a jelly roll from Kris over at Lavender Quilts and decided (AFTER bunco, of course) to just sit down and do a 'jelly roll race' style quilt from the roll.  I stupidly just took off sewing without reacquainting myself with just exactly how to DO the pattern.  You're supposed to cut one of the strips in half to begin with (I believe, I still haven't checked) but I only cut off like 6-8".  So it still put my joined placed in pretty close proximity.  But that's OK, it's just going to be a small quilt I keep on the sofa for my toesies this winter.  I'll press all those seams, put a couple of borders on and maybe have the longarmer just do an all over panto of leaves  or something.  Easy and DONE!!  Now to get back to a few more Halloween blocks before it's over. 


JoAnne said...

Cute! I do the same thing - start, then read the directions. Cute blog background too.

judy said...

sorry to say I would have torn it out and did it the way the pattern says. You sound you are more like Roberta would do....just get creative.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love making this quilt Sherrill and have made three or four now. In The Missouri Star Quilt Company's current magazine they've made one with a twist - added random flying geese - and it's really great. I love your fall colors. blessings, marlene