Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween will soon be upon us

and, as usual, I haven't done anything quilty for the spooky season.  UGH!!!  I have a couple of cute kits but I've other things to prepare for (like cleaning up this messy house for Oct. bunco!!).  SOO I'm cheating a little and sharing a few cute quilt ideas for those who DON'T have other things to prepare for--LOL!!

This one would be SO simple to whip up!  Maybe after bunco!

Cute, CUTE and doesn't look difficult at all!!  Think it would be just as cute made with wonky stars (note to self as I don't do particularly well with this kind of star).
Oh my GOSH!!  HOW CUTE!  Gonna hafta try to figure this one out.
(I actually found the tutorial for this block here).
 Adorable kit from Connecting Threads but no longer available...  :-(
 I LOVE this--it's just pretty and subdued.
 I think I read this one was from Joined at the Hip.  Will have to look into it as I love the cat and pumpkin.  (It IS from Joined at the Hip and I ordered it and 3 others as well--ACK).
Easy breezy rail fence using black and orange.  EFFECTIVE!


Lesley said...

This for sharing these Halloween quilt ideas!

judy said...

you could do the 5th down for me and I would be your very best friend in the whole wide world.