Friday, December 12, 2014

a little sewing

I've actually done a little bit of sewing the past couple of days.  And when I say little, it's exactly what I mean.  I found the cutest tutorial over at Fun with Barb and actually made one of these in Halloween fabric for myself a few years ago and it's still in my purse.  They're really very easy and so I got busy and made a bunch as little gifties for my bunco buds.  I don't like doing the big gift exchange so am making a little gift bag for each one of them.  These are the Kleenex holders I made

and I got some really cute packages of tissues in Christmas designs and put those in them.  I also made each one of them a little jar of winter smooth hand scrub made with brown and white sugar, olive oil and lemon essential oil.  Hope they like it.  I sure do as it really makes my hands smooth when at times they feel so rough and dry.  I'm pondering making a batch of toffee and putting in just a small amount for each of them as well.  We'll see how that goes.  But they'll for sure get the tissue covers and the hand scrub as those are already done!  YAY!


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Little miss crafty....I bet they really look cute with Christmas tissue in them.

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