Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finished binding

I have NO CLUE why I do (or don't do) just little things needed to finish a quilt.  I think I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago that I'd run across a quilt that had the binding stitched on but wasn't hand stitched down.  It's got to have been laying around for 3-4 yrs. in this state!!  What a dipstick for not just finishing it.  But NOW it's done--will need to lay out flat on a spare bed underneath a few other quilts to hopefully 'press' those creases out.  Dope!


Mimi said... waited way too long to finish up this beautiful quilt, but you get to enjoy it for the holidays. It's lovely. Aren't you glad it is done now?

By the way, my folks are 91 and 93. I count my blessings everyday that they are still here and that their great grandchildren get to know them.

Judy Bachman said...

You do such neat long have you been quilting? It probably take a life time to catch up to you. Love it.

Judy Bachman said...

is that a hard one to do? I am thinking I might want to tackle that one after the new year.