Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reviewing 2014

I was going back looking through my blog posts for 2014 and see several projects I'd really like to finish up in 2015.  So I figure MAYBE if I list them, it will be a good reminder and some of them might actually get done.  I think at this point in time, I have FOURTEEN baby rag quilt kits cut and ready to sew.  That would be sew easy to sit down and get them done but have I?  NOOOOO!  So that will be among the aspirations.

 This one is SO CLOSE and it would make a GREAT 4th of July quilt, don'tcha think?  Must finish.
 This was a free BOM from Quilt Doodles and she's having a linky party in Jan. for those wanting to show their finished projects.  Mine won't be done by then but the final quilt was so cute I'd really like to finish mine.  Right now she's showing ways to embellish to make it even cuter!  And she's having another free BOM in 2015.
Pretty sure I got all my houses built and much of the windows and doors are on.  Just need to finish those that aren't complete and put it together.
Got all the alphabet complete and only needs putting together.  It would make a GREAT baby quilt ready to go when the need arises if only I would finish it.
This was going to be a donation quilt probably for Quilts of Valor.  Will have to root around and find it then put a border on it and send it off to Alycia at

Will stop there as I don't want to dig a hole so deep there's no way I'd get out!  LOL


JoAnne said...

You are so close on most of those projects--it shouldn't take much to get them done. I"m still trying to decide what all I want to do this year. Sometimes, though, it is nice just to see what pops up. Happy New Year! PS. You really should get the Patriotic one done by July, haha.

Judy Bachman said...

Get some eyes on those is such a cute runner...