Friday, December 19, 2014

some Christmas quilt ideas

I have a couple of small Christmas quilts but haven't gotten them out yet so probably won't this year.  One is a rag quilt wall hanging with a Christmas tree and, if I remember correctly, a few presents underneath.  My DGD always used to come over and say 'grandma, why do you still have the pumpkin quilt up, it's almost Christmas!'.  But she rarely comes over anymore so don't have that push to get out the Christmas stuff.  But I do think I'll maybe start a Christmas quilt like the Halloween one as that was relatively painless to make.  We'll see.  So I'll do my usual showcasing of a few Christmas quilts I found on Pinterest.

I love this tree quilt and might have to do one of these since there's also a tutorial from Diary of a Quilter!

Look at this adorable runner!!

 I think these adorable yo yo Christmas trees would be pretty quick to whip up.
I have this pattern and have meant to make this for the past several years.  Quick but you DO have to start & finish.  Maybe it'll get done in 2015.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. 


Judy Bachman said...

The only trouble with Christmas quilts is that you can use them only for so long then Christmas season is over. To me lots of work but then again never made one. Some day when things get settled down I would love to try my hand at quilting. Wonder if that will happen.... I guess a true quilter would make any kind of quilt any time of the year.

Mary Johnson said...

I've got a small autumn tree quilt I made using a similar method, I love the Christmas trees. Maybe I'll do one of them one day.

AnnieO said...

I loved Amy's trees and made a bunch myself. They were really fun. I have several Christmas quilts and surely will not stop making more!