Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I really do not enjoy the Christmas season!!  Don't get me wrong--I'm all about the celebration of Christ's birth and all but I think the overdoing,  commercialization and all that drives me insane.  And it HAS been much harder since the death of my hubby.  This will be the third Christmas he's been gone but it seems SO very long ago.  Feels like I've been alone for MANY many, in fact, that it's often hard to remember a time he was here with me.  Sorry, don't mean to be such a downer.

Just thought I'd post a few of others photos since I probably won't work on any myself.  I did find a quilt I did a few years back that had the binding stitched ON but not DOWN so dragged it out and will try to get that polished off in the next couple of days.

My 'baby' turns 27 tomorrow.  Can't hardly believe it--and there again, third birthday for him since his dad's been gone.  :-(

 I think I started this a couple of years back but haven't run across it in the unpacking of things.  Maybe one of these days it'll surface.
 This is so pretty.  If I cared anything about decorating around the house, I'd want my bed to look like this.  So cute!
 A great little wallhanging.
Presents..I really don't do presents per se anymore.
Trees..don't do these anymore either.  But this is really cute.


Doniene said...

I can't imagine holidays without hubby - come visit me and we'll do something fun!


antique quilter said...

love your quilts, please finish that HOHOHO quilt
its one of my favorites I have. I need to make another one.

Strlady said...

This is definitely a tough season when you are missing someone. Don't apologize for how you feel. It's a grieving process and anyone that has lost a loved one understands. I'll be thinking of you this season and keeping you in my prayers.

Kyle said...

Yes, finish your HOHOHO quilt. It might just lift your spirits.

ME said...

I know what you mean....enough said.

judy said...

I love the wall hanging and I am your very best friend in the whole wide world....hint..hint...
Is it an easy one to do?

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sherrill it's natural for this to be a hard time of year - while it's not the same with parents mine both died within four months of each other and for several years I just didn't want to have Christmas at all. Time eases that but it continues to be bittersweet. Thank you for the images - I'd seen that Joy pillow before but had forgotten it. blessings, marlene

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm so sorry the holidays are not a time of joy for you Sherrill. It is that way with a lot of people I know. Like you, I get very overwhelmed with all the commercialization, but I do love all the glitter and lights and the celebration of our sweet Savior's birth! I hope you find many reasons for joy during this holiday season :)