Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another one almost finished

I've been working on the Spell It With Moda Fabric alphabet quilt that they did as a designer blog hop awhile back.  I've had the letters completed for some time so just needed to put the sashing units on each letter and make the little extra filler blocks.  I've got ONE filler left today and the final assembly and this will be another flimsy ready for the longarmer.  I think it will look cute hanging on the wall as a 'back to school' time quilt.  How's it lookin'?

DANG!  There's a shadow on the left.  Oh well.  If you look closely and with a discerning eye (HA!), I coordinated some of the letters with colors or fabric to match the letter (B has a bunny AND it's blue, there are fish in the F fabric, O is orange, etc--aren't I clever?  Not really).  I'll probably finish it up tomorrow and will take a completed picture then.  I think I'm moving at a decent pace getting some UFO's done.  We'll see how long that continues.

1 comment:

Doniene said...

Super cute, Sherrill! Great job!!

Are you staying warm? It has been quite the cold spell for us here in Texas!!

Blessings and hugs!