Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reminder to ME!

I've wanted to do this quilt ever since the book came out.  I LOVE this quilt!!  Everytime I see a photo of it, it reminds me yet again how much I want to make it.  Bonnie has been teaching for a week over in the Plano/McKinney area and this was one of the last class projects before she moves on to AZ.  AGAIN the picture.  After I finish a few more UFO's, this will be the project I start.  LOVE IT!


Kyle said...

That's a very cool quilt. You're going to have fun with that.

JoAnne said...

I REALLY wanted to make Jamestown Landing, too. But when I took my class from Bonnie last year, she taught Talkin' Turkey, so I made it. This is still on my list, though. I was drooling over the pics on Bonnies blog.