Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stash busting

WOW!!  Isn't this an exciting picture?  Looks like a plain ole piece of wrinkledy fabric, doesn't it?  Well, that's pretty much what it is--a BIG piece of plain ole wrinkledy fabric!!  HA  I can't post on this blog without having a photo so I just threw it down on the floor and took the picture.  But I did that to share with you my excitement at how much of my stash I've busted (not nearly enough, mind you, but it's a start!).  I was reading Alycia's blog the other day and she was selling stuff on Etsy.  We were chatting and she said she was selling to get funds to buy backing fabric for the QOV's.  WHAT?!!  Had she not heard of my stash woes?  Guess not.  I told her if she would tell me sizes, I could make her some backings.  She gave me a size and I started whipping them out (sorta).  I've got four done and have been cutting the leftovers for pillowcases.  I want to get a few more done before sending them to her but so far there's 14 1/2 yards OUT of the stash.  WOOHOO!!


Judy Bachman said...

miss whirl wind.....pretty soon I will hear that you at fabric stores again.

Alycia said...

You are AWESOME!