Monday, January 5, 2015

Working on UFO's

After completing the two most recents and taking them to the longarmer, I decided the next thing I'd work on was one of the UFO's I posted about in my 2014 wrap up. 

I'm REALLY tempted to keep this one but it will most likely become a QOV.  Think I'll put two more vertical rows and one or two more horizontal then possible a border.  That should make it large enough to cover any vet, no matter what size he or she is!


Doniene said...

Sherrill, this one is wonderful!! It will make a perfect QOV quilt!!

Your tree flimsy turned out just so cute!! And I LOVE the backing!!

Blessings and hugs

Julie in GA said...

That will be a fabulous QOV!

JoAnne said...

Another great quilt! You've really been busy lately! Happy belated birthday! I thought of you on Sunday but forgot to call. Hope you had a great day!

Chris said...

You just can't help but love snowball quilts. Nice :)

YankeeQuilter said...

I'm sure any vet will love this quilt! Thanks for all you do for them (us!)