Monday, March 30, 2015

Uh OH (part deux)

Took the three from the earlier post over to the longarmer's today and ran across these two..double ugh!  If I do anything else to them before making backs, it'd be an extra border but I dunno..we'll see.

I LOVE the little Ho Ho Ho wall hanging.  It MAY just get left as is as at this size, would be a cute little table topper.

I think THIS one would benefit from an extra border because if it were a tad larger, could be the summer entry way wall hanging.  This has been laying around in it's present state for YEARS! (head hanging in shame).  LOL  Tell me, what color do you think would look best as the final border?


Opening boxes and bins around here is very dangerous!  A couple of days ago, I dragged 3 in from the garage.  I opened one and GASPED!  Good GRIEF, how long have these things been laying around unfinished?!  I don't even remember when I made these.  There were a few that simply needed backings and I have them done and ready to head off to the longarmer--these two and the alphabet quilt are all awaiting her call.

This one really doesn't appeal to me (guess it did when I made it) but by golly it's getting quilted and I will use it as a table topper from time to time.  At least it will be done!

Now this one I LOVE and it will be a beautiful addition to the entry way wall hanging rotation (I've had one quilt that's been the entry way wall hanging forever but finished a Christmas wall hanging awhile back for that season and now this one!)
There was also a decent sized Halloween quilt that I'm thinking with a border or two will make a good size kid quilt for a donation to the women't shelter.  There was also a pretty fall color quilt that is already good sized and probably with a border would be a great bed quilt for donation to the women's shelter.  I'll take pix of those when they're ready for quilting.
And YIKES, there's still another box I haven't gone through yet...SCARY!  LOL

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Out of town

I've been out of town for a couple of weeks and made it in last night.  Was visiting CO with a good friend and stayed at her daughter's LOVELY home in beautiful Pagosa Springs (where I lived for a short time over 10 years ago).  We had beautiful weather the entire time and was able to get out and about.  We ate out quite a bit and made a few meals at the house.  We visited Santa Fe, Durango, Silverton and Ouray.  A very fun time.  I will share just a few photos from the trip.

 I just LOVE this beautiful blue door against the neutral adobe.  Wonder what that little door within a door was for?
Just doesn't do the true beauty justice!
This was on the way back from Ouray and we stopped to see a magnificent waterfall with a beautiful rainbow at the base of it.  Don't you LOVE the way I caught the biker just as he was rounding the curve?!  HA
There was a couple of flocks of turkeys that came across the property nearly every morning.  One morning, this old boy was all fluffed out chasing a couple of the girls around.  The shot's blurry as I had to zoom so far to get him and I didn't have a tripod.  Still not a bad shot if I do say so myself!  LOL
BEAUTIFUL sunset from the deck of the house. God's glory at it's finest!
We were really out in the sticks here and there were bluebirds EVERYWHERE!  But of course I couldn't get ONE good shot of any of them.  So I took the mountains instead.  They sat still!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A different kind of finish

Haven't finished the skate row but I DO have two done which means two to go.  But I have FINALLY finished something after I have no idea how long!!  Now I need to get it to Michael's and get it framed!!

This is a TERRIBLE picture but try as I might, I couldn't get anything better.  So you'll just have to use your imagination!  HA  I finished another that is a 'cousin' to this one and have it framed and hanging on the wall.  This one is the "Thanksgiving Comes Again" by The Prairie Schooler.  LOVE their patterns and have several.  Need to decide which one I will work on next (IF I can find them..ugh). 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

WOW, just WOW!!

'A waxing moon climbs the ridge of The Thunderer.'

Did you see the moon tonight?  OMGOSH!!  I wish I knew all the ins and outs of taking night photos as it was an absolutely beautiful amber color hanging low on the horizon.  I ran out with my camera but the two I took didn't even begin to do it justice.  BIG unhappy face (but I wasn't surprised).  So instead I'm showing a moon shot 'lifted' from the Yellowstone National Park's FB page.  That probably would've been A-MA-ZING to see in Yellowstone (course I love that place anyway!).

Getting excited!

Got the candy row done so now that row and the eyeless snowmen are attached!! (Snowmen will get their eyeballs AFTER quilting).  Now I just need to do the ice skates which go above the stars and then the Christmas lights will be the top row.  YAY!!    Looking forward to hanging this in the winter NEXT year (cause I DON'T want ANYMORE winter this year!! LOL).

Good GRIEF!!!

It is NOT supposed to look like this on March 5 in north central Texas!!!

This had BETTER be the last of it for the year or I'm gonna SCREAM!  And no one wants to hear me scream!  LOL  (PS-the normal temps here for this time of year SHOULD be 65!!  That's why I'd be screaming!!).

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Almost ready

I took Judy's sage advice and decided to put a final border on my alphabet quilt.  I wanted to do dots and found this cute pink in my stash so I USED it!!  This puppy needs a final pressing and a backing (which I'll get done today or tomorrow) so it'll be ready to go to the longarmer when she calls.  Next up, I'm working on the candy row today for the BOM to get it ready to go, too!!

I also saw a really cute possibility on Alycia's blog for a QOV that I'm going to take a stab at.  Looks pretty easy so don't think it'll be too much of a stretch.  I found some of the Just One Star blocks that Moda had on their site a few years back and want to make more of those for a quilt for myself (never can have too much red, white and blue, right?).  And while assembling my X's and O's top, one of the dumb O blocks was too small.  I SUCK at piecing.  So I need to remake that so that it can be finished up as well. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Added another row

Got the row of steaming mugs stitched onto the ever growing top.  Notice I did remove the grass and now it's a nice layer of snow under the trees AND the cabin?  I think that's better.  I believe the ice skates go above the stars and the candy goes below the mugs and neither of those are done yet so will need to work on that before this goes any further.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's coming together

It's not pressed but I'm still likin' the looks of it!!  I think this will be a GREAT winter wallhanging (though now that I'm looking at it, wonder why I put grass beneath the cabin instead of snow like everywhere else!  DUH!)?  Will have to see if I think that needs a change before putting the section beneath it on.  Now I'm super motivated to get it done!!