Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Almost ready

I took Judy's sage advice and decided to put a final border on my alphabet quilt.  I wanted to do dots and found this cute pink in my stash so I USED it!!  This puppy needs a final pressing and a backing (which I'll get done today or tomorrow) so it'll be ready to go to the longarmer when she calls.  Next up, I'm working on the candy row today for the BOM to get it ready to go, too!!

I also saw a really cute possibility on Alycia's blog for a QOV that I'm going to take a stab at.  Looks pretty easy so don't think it'll be too much of a stretch.  I found some of the Just One Star blocks that Moda had on their site a few years back and want to make more of those for a quilt for myself (never can have too much red, white and blue, right?).  And while assembling my X's and O's top, one of the dumb O blocks was too small.  I SUCK at piecing.  So I need to remake that so that it can be finished up as well. 

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