Monday, March 30, 2015


Opening boxes and bins around here is very dangerous!  A couple of days ago, I dragged 3 in from the garage.  I opened one and GASPED!  Good GRIEF, how long have these things been laying around unfinished?!  I don't even remember when I made these.  There were a few that simply needed backings and I have them done and ready to head off to the longarmer--these two and the alphabet quilt are all awaiting her call.

This one really doesn't appeal to me (guess it did when I made it) but by golly it's getting quilted and I will use it as a table topper from time to time.  At least it will be done!

Now this one I LOVE and it will be a beautiful addition to the entry way wall hanging rotation (I've had one quilt that's been the entry way wall hanging forever but finished a Christmas wall hanging awhile back for that season and now this one!)
There was also a decent sized Halloween quilt that I'm thinking with a border or two will make a good size kid quilt for a donation to the women't shelter.  There was also a pretty fall color quilt that is already good sized and probably with a border would be a great bed quilt for donation to the women's shelter.  I'll take pix of those when they're ready for quilting.
And YIKES, there's still another box I haven't gone through yet...SCARY!  LOL


Kyle said...

Those unopened boxes can be dangerous, but it looks like you found some nice things,

JoAnne said...

I've been going through boxes too. Lots of recycle and trashing going on around here!

Dar said...

What a great finds in your box! I love that 2nd one. It is gorgeous. Wish I'd find a box with some finished tops in it ready for quilting.

Alycia said...

You found treasures!!! I LOVE them!!!