Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting excited!

Got the candy row done so now that row and the eyeless snowmen are attached!! (Snowmen will get their eyeballs AFTER quilting).  Now I just need to do the ice skates which go above the stars and then the Christmas lights will be the top row.  YAY!!    Looking forward to hanging this in the winter NEXT year (cause I DON'T want ANYMORE winter this year!! LOL).


PeggyB said...

very cool

Kathleen Battaglia said...

I love the steaming mugs!

I use to live in Rockwall Tx. Anywhere near you?

LA Paylor said...

I am quilting on mine today! It is big, so I am quilting the side borders and adding them on today. Top and bottom hopefully tomorrow. Then its done! I know what you mean about winter. LeeAnna at not afraid of color