Monday, April 20, 2015

I'M SO EXCITED (sorta)

Oh my GOSH!!!  I FINALLY found my x plus blocks!!  I have been looking for them for months and months and FINALLY found them!  Now I can get to work making more and hopefully finishing the quilt sooner rather than later! 

BUT in the meantime, while searching I came across even MORE UFO's..HORRORS!!  I found a cute little Schnibbles with little houses (can't remember the name) just needing the rows sewn together.  I'm afraid to dig any deeper into the box as I still have some 'needs to be finished' laying across the back of the couch. 

AND I started one more project that hopefully won't wind up as yet another UFO.

This is slated to become another QOV (hopefully) and yet another way to use up some of the stash.  I finally got out my Accuquilt GO and started cutting a bunch of the ugly stuff into 2 1/2" strips.  Figured that way I could MAYBE sort into colors that play nice together and get enough for a few jelly roll race-style quilts.  And a friend called the other day asking if I had a couple of yards I could donate to her daughter for the Heart and Soul group.  They make sheets for Cook Children's hospital.  I gave her 4 yards and need to talk to her about donating more for the next time they get together.  Sheets can be just about anything!!

Also worked on a few more "Scrappy Mountains Majesty" blocks from Bonnie's blog (also in red, white and blue) so I AM using the stash.  Just not enough fast enough! :-/



JoAnne said...

I'm glad you found your missing blocks. Nothing bugs me more than when I can't find something. I remember that house Schnibble, but don't remember the name off hand. I love the QOV blocks--so cute.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Don't you hate when you lose something you know you have? I did that this week but mine was here at the mission - a box of stuff that we had received that we spent $250 on! Finally found it, thank goodness. :) blessings, marlene