Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where the heck have I been?!

I was powering away trying to complete a top for Diana's project and got nearly there and, for whatever reason, stopped dead in my tracks!  Then I got off on something different (which I said to myself I WOULDN'T DO but I did anyway...sigh) and finally this morning decided I needed to get this thing done!  I had a lot of these blocks already made up (almost half) and figured it really wouldn't be THAT difficult to make the other half and put it all together.  But it wasn't quite as easy as I figured as the blocks were sewn on two or three different machines and 1/4" isn't my best  so that made an easy task quite a bit more aggravating.  But it's together and just needs a couple more seams pressed then I'll make a backing and ship it off.

The lighting is terrible and the color is off in the photo (dark, gray skies outside and lots of rain yesterday so too wet to take outside to photograph).  It's really nice and bright and will, hopefully, bring a smile and a hug to a child in the Russian orphanage where this will wind up!

What briefly took me away from this project were these blocks...

These were started several years ago when Moda was doing their "Just One Star" project trying to get enough blocks collected to make 100 quilts for 100 soldiers.  As I recall, the project was a resounding success as they received WAY more blocks than they'd asked for and I can't remember exactly how many but know they made far more quilts than they'd anticipated which was, of course, a good thing!  As I continue digging through boxes, I find things I've started and this were some of that find.  I've made a few more and will wind up with 18 blocks.  I want to put them together in the manner that Moda did and use it as a wallhanging in the living room over the summer.  We'll see if that happens for this summer but I doubt it.


JoAnne said...

Love the mini trip blocks. Someone will really enjoy it. You have been very absent lately. Good to see you back!

Terry said...

What a pretty quilt that is going to be! :0)