Saturday, May 30, 2015

Under the wire

Got ONE more project finished for the binding blitz--this one makes 3 in the month of May!  YAY!  This table runner has been laying around a long, LONG time awaiting it's binding.  What's bad is I don't remember who quilted it and it's a good thing!  As I was binding it, I was noticing what a TERRIBLE job of quilting..bad tension, uneven stitches..AWFUL!  But then I didn't make things any better by whacking off a few points as I was trimming in prep for the binding.  Thank heavens it only a seasonal table runner which may or may not see the light of day this October!  :-)

AND here's what I've been doing in the evenings while watching baseball or whatever else is on TV.  I think I can get one more out of the skein of yarn.
(UGH, blurry but you get the time I'll get a blue skein!)

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