Monday, June 29, 2015

Working on a UFO

I found these blocks while 'cleaning' (OK, just movin' stuff around) the cutting table in the sewing room in order to move all the crap in there rather than cutting on my kitchen counter.  I wanted to do a 6X7 setting and was two blocks short so got those whipped up then started laying them out.  I've got most of it sewn together already so will finish up today and then decide whether or not to put a border on it just to make it a tad bigger.  We'll see.

I will share this over on Judy's blog for her Design Wall Monday.  And may I just say I am AGHAST that June is almost over!!!  Where the heck did it go?  Makes me sad that cold weather is swiftly approaching!!  LOL (ugh)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ho hum

Another boring rag quilt..I need something to pep up this blog!  LOL  Definitely cleaning house today!!

(I KNOW I've got some girly flannels in there somewhere..right now just looking like I'm in a boy rag quilt rut!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Half way there

Half way there on this one.  It will wind up 5X6 and I'd like to make a few of these QOV to be given to men at our church who've served our country.  They're large and easy to make so if I'd only concentrate on these, I do believe that I could crank out several in short order.  Think that's gonna happen?  Nah, me neither!  And I've been getting so much done to the detriment of my house.  I'm resolving to get a major pick up/clean up done.  Keep your fingers crossed--I know I am!  HA

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Are you tired yet?

Of seeing these rag quilts?!!  Well, too bad, because there are a lot more to come!!  HAHA  Finished another one yesterday and several waiting to be stitched and clipped and many more that haven't even been cut yet.  OH NO!!!  I just flat out need to stay outta Joann's cause I CAN'T resist all that cute flannel especially when it's on sale!!!

A cute little boy quilt with zoom zoom race cars!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Vortex update

Did a little more this morning so just a quick update to show what (little) progress I've made!  :-)  I keep thinking it's a lot more but then it turns out to be very little.  Can't wait to see what she says on Wed. when she publishes the next step or direction.  I'm liking the colorfulness of it--HAPPY!  HA

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Got 5 more of the X plus blocks done this weekend (and YES, I put them together the right way the first time! LOL).  That puts me at 72 total and 8 til my goal of 80.  But as I mentioned earlier, I think I'll most likely make a few extra in case there are some I don't like in the final layout.  If I have leftovers, they can always be worked into the back, right?

Also worked a little more on the vortex but will show that later.  Happy belated Father's Day to all who are still able to celebrate. 

Friday, June 19, 2015


I just wanna know why none of my friends out there didn't point out the GLARING error in my X plus blocks!!  The plus was there but the X was not.  It was more of an O.  So I'm showing every single one that I ripped out and made right--

TWELVE in all that I had to redo.  Thanks so much, you guys!!  LOL  So I had 55 before and add 12..that's a grand total of 67, right?  That means I only have 13 more to go for my 8X10 setting.  But I DO think I'll have Wanda over at Exuberant Color to have a look see to check for any 'muddy' blocks before I begin putting them together.  Can't have one block spoiling the big picture!

Someone was asking about my scrap vortex quilt along blocks.  Here are the bigger pieces (man, I thought I had more than that..must get busy!).  I need to dig through more scrap bags and boxes to add more of a variety in there.  Trying to keep it bright since it will ultimately wind up as a donation kid quilt.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Doing a little every day

Trying to do a little bit of something sewing-wise everyday so that eventually something will get finished.  Think I mentioned cutting pillowcase 'kits' and these are the fruits of some of that.  I use the 'sausage' method so that the seams are all finished without benefit of a serger.  I have shown an enlarged image of the fabric from the two cases on the right.  The little lambies were SO cute that I wanted you to see them.

AND I got two more X plus blocks done--I really like the one on the left but the other one's kinda cool because of the movement (I guess..HA)!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Different stuff

I got a couple more of my X plus blocks put together and more pieces and parts cut so if I can get some matchy matchy done, maybe will be able to crank out more in the near future.  Also did a couple more pinwheels and cut a few 'kits' for pillowcases.

I also sewed a few more stitches in the start of the NEXT rag quilt.  Don't even ask how many more of these I have to go.  It's a lot!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Continuing to crank em out

Dear sweet JoAnne is keeping me well supplied with batting pieces so as long as I keep the flannel cut,  I can continue on with the baby rag quilts.  Someday I will get tired of making them, oui?  But until then...

Somehow I missed clipping two short seams.  I don't know how that happens as I'm pretty methodical on how I clip.  But I guess it happens just like I sometimes mix up the colors when putting them together.  Oh well, easily remedied.
And I've been doing a little work on crazy mom's Scrap Vortex quilt.  I don't think I have as many small pieces as she does so my blocks might get bigger quicker which will be OK with me since it will be yet another donation quilt (unless I just totally fall madly in love with it!! LOL).

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On a roll...

It seems that once I finally sat down and starting sewing these puppies (who've languished FAR too long in the to do pile), I found they go together really quickly since I have them stacked with the batting already in there.  It's just a pick up and sew, pick up and sew, repeat, repeat.  The problem here is I'm getting them finished off, washed and dried and it's evening (as in dark!) and the pix don't come out so good.  This one has little dump trucks/loaders, whatever you call them with a green plaid and blue.  Doesn't look like that in the photo.

You'll just have to take my word for it  :-(


The sky was SO pretty last night from my backyard.  Unfortunately, there are lines and wires EVERYWHERE making it difficult to get a good photo.  The view without wires was not as pretty and colorful but the wires are definitely distracting...UGH.  Oh well, you get the picture (wink, wink).

Monday, June 8, 2015

and another

Got another done--makes it so much easier when they're already cut and just ready to stitch!  Have a few more to work on and more to cut.  :-(

I just picked it up to lay for the picture and noticed I'd missed clipping ONE short seam!!  I hate it when that happens!!  But it'll get shaggy next time it's washed.  At least I got this one laid out right and with 7 rows instead of just 6!!   (Dang it, I hate it when I get my toes in the pix..oh well.)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Yet another

baby rag quilt.  It had been so long since I made one of these that I totally screwed it up!  :-(  I made it one row short and didn't get the 3 colors aligned like I usually do.  UGH  But I think it still looks  cute with the colors kind of waving back and forth.  And I'm quite sure it will keep some baby, albeit a smaller baby, warm.  :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Been busy

just not a lot to show for it!  I'm so HAPPY I finally got my fountain running again.  The birdies used to LOVE it at the old house and I've been here nearly 22 months.  It's quit raining (finally) and starting to get hot so the birdies will probably appreciate it.  I got another flowering shrub planted and FINALLY got the flag up!

AND I've been sewing--just a hodge podge mostly but getting things done.

Got two more Just One Star blocks completed and one needs the outer set of triangles.  Got 1 maverick star and a bunch of pinwheel blocks (I found some triangle paper and decided to just start making a bunch to be used later).  Also several more Scrappy Mountains blocks made (which was started at LEAST a year ago as documented in the old blog).  Now I think I just may go work on a baby rag quilt.  I have about 90 (or thereabouts) cut out and need to get them sewn up before up tempted by another flannel sale at Joann's!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

Wow!!  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies!!