Friday, June 19, 2015


I just wanna know why none of my friends out there didn't point out the GLARING error in my X plus blocks!!  The plus was there but the X was not.  It was more of an O.  So I'm showing every single one that I ripped out and made right--

TWELVE in all that I had to redo.  Thanks so much, you guys!!  LOL  So I had 55 before and add 12..that's a grand total of 67, right?  That means I only have 13 more to go for my 8X10 setting.  But I DO think I'll have Wanda over at Exuberant Color to have a look see to check for any 'muddy' blocks before I begin putting them together.  Can't have one block spoiling the big picture!

Someone was asking about my scrap vortex quilt along blocks.  Here are the bigger pieces (man, I thought I had more than that..must get busy!).  I need to dig through more scrap bags and boxes to add more of a variety in there.  Trying to keep it bright since it will ultimately wind up as a donation kid quilt.


Monica said...

Your + and x blocks look awesome! I've wanted to make that quilt for a long time.

Terry said...

Such pretty blocks! I love all the scrappy colors! :0)

The Cozy Quilter said...

The scrap quilt will be a wonderful donation quilt. I am making one too but might keep this one as a couch quilt in our family room. I may make another one as a donation quilt. Yours looks great so far!