Thursday, July 30, 2015


I've started yet another project..I think I'm worse than most about that.  But Pam put out a request for the wonky crosses and I made a couple.  I LOVED the photo she showed that was her inspiration and now it is mine!!

I was doing a little row by row hopping yesterday (hit 3 stores NOT nearby and they ALL had fish!  MAN! and TWO did NOT have license plates!!  UGH) so picked up some teal and a little more gray as I was really short in the teal dept.  These have not been trimmed but I'm aiming at 7" finished for the height and the width will be variable.  They're pretty quick to do so hopefully this one will move along. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My first 'little dress'

I saw a call go out for little dresses and, having ignored these pleas before (since I don't do clothes), decided to try a couple.  I looked at several different tutorials and used measurements gleaned from a couple of blogs.  I merged a couple to try and just get it as simple as possible.  I guess it's been a long time since I paid any attention to what a size 7 girl looks like.  This dress looks so long and narrow.  It was easy enough to make and I'd make a few more if I was certain it would fit the size I'm making it for.  Guess is could be shortened and used for a smaller girl if it wouldn't work for a size 7.

The measurements for size 7 were 36" wide and 32" long.  Hmmm.....

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pillowcases galore

Well, mini galore anyway though all are not finished and therefore not in the picture. The 7 above will be for QOV and the women's shelter.  I have 3 or 4 that still need the final 'french' seam a la sausage style so that no seams are left unfinished.  It's just one extra step that makes such a huge difference.  I like that each one of these pillowcases I finish means one more yard GONE from the burgeoning stash!!  LOL

I want to try making a few of the pillowcase dresses for Lori over at Humble Quilts who's planning on taking them to Bolivia in Oct. I believe (would use fab from the stash rather than pillowcases).  But I REALLY want to work on getting at least a couple more QOV's finished and off to the longarmer so they can be presented to deserving vets before too long.  Aahhh, the constant tugging in multiple directions.  YIKES!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Binding fini

I know it looks like the same as the last picture but it's really just a little different in that the binding is now totally attached!!  YAY!  Now I need to get labels made and put on then will need to get busy making more quilts for quilting and binding! LOL 
I've had a few pillowcase kits cut for awhile and started sewing them up 'sausage style' so maybe will get those done tomorrow (depending on what else is going on).  Also saw a call for pillowcase dresses for Bolivia so MAY try my hand at a couple of those.  Looks like another relatively quick and easy way to use up some yardage. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Binding semi-on

I love this quilt!  It's a fav and think maybe someday I'll make another.  It's a little labor intensive cutting wise especially if you're trying not to repeat (which didn't matter to me as you can tell).  It's just ALMOST not square as I believe I counted 12X13.  I finally got the scrappy binding made and sewn on by machine.  Even got a little bit of the hand stitching done last night.
How many of you guys are doing the row by row experience?  I had initially resisted but saw that Alycia was doing it and JoAnne had picked up one block in CO for a friend here.  I've seen some really cute finished ones.  In fact, one of the shops today JUST got their first completed quilt (I think the prize was 25 fat quarters or something like that) and some of her rows were adorable.  When I asked where she got a couple, they were from WI, WV and OK (we're in Texas).  I might get a couple from OK (MAYBE, OK?!!) and, if I get up to CO before it's over, might get one from NM and CO.  My niece and sister are headed to Wash. DC and on up to ME so if any shops are close enough that they don't hafta go out of their way, may get some from up there.  Not counting on it though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Movin' along

I have 6 rows together now but think I have eight more to put together then attach to these.  I really need to STOP working on other things and get the binding made and on that 3rd quilt.  Maybe this afternoon at least part of that will be accomplished. 
I've become somewhat intrigued by the row by row hopping going on all around the country.  We have a lot of shops around here and one that's about 5 min. from the house so think I'll run up there and check out their row AND their license plate.
Yesterday, I went to our Sunday School class's monthly birthday lunch.  We normally have around 15 gals in attendance on any given month with maybe 2 birthday girls present.  We had around 25 yesterday with 5 or 6 birthday girls.  It was QUITE the event and we had a great time (as we always do).

Friday, July 17, 2015

On the binding train!

Got the 2nd of three quilts bound today!   I was really disappointed in the way this one turned out as I didn't do the first step of the typical jelly roll race quilt.  You're supposed to start with an 18" strip and I failed to do that so it didn't create as pretty a pattern.  But it will be OK for a donation quilt and hope someone loves it!  I'm still working on the binding for the QOV--it's going to be a scrappy red, white and blue binding to go with the rest of the quilt.

A little more done

This is the same project that I showed you only one row of a few days ago in a really BAD picture.  At least this is slightly better and you can maybe get a sense of where it's going.  I've got all the 6.5" red, white and blue blocks cut but need to make more of the four patches.  It's definitely an easy one to cut and piece for so may be one or two more of these in my future (for donations, of course!!).

I have been car shopping which I absolutely DETEST!!  Especially by myself.  I'm kinda leaning towards the Kia Sorento as I think they're pretty (especially in red! LOL) and a relatively good price.  Pretty sure I'll be going with a lease from now on as they're always under warranty and I'll get a new car every three years!!  We'll see how all that shakes out...ugh.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This one's done now on to the next

Got the binding finished on this one last night-- (Mr. Fang checking out comfort worthiness! HA)

then it'll be on to this one tonight!  Maybe I can at least get the binding made for the 3rd one even if I don't get it machine sewn to the quilt itself.  Still be that much farther ahead, oui?

Wondering if anyone had any great ideas for labels for donation quilts?  I looked around on the internet including pinterest but didn't see one that appealed to me.  Also wondering what writing utensil you think is the best for a label that will last?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scrappy mountains and binding

I don't remember if I'd mentioned one of my red, white and blue projects was a Scrappy Mountains from Bonnie but have a nice chunk sewn together so thought I'd take a picture.  Think I'm going to offset every other row to give a more 'udulating' effect (guess that's the way to describe it..HA).  I do have many more of the red and blue squares cut--just need to get busy cutting more lights so I can make more blocks!   I had mentioned to a friend that while I had the red, white and blue out, it was just easier to cut for several different quilts hence why I have SO many in various stages of near completion.  Would be nice to get them all done about the same time, too!!
I showed this one prior to shipping off to the longarmer and this was one of three that JoAnne picked up and delivered to me for binding.  This one's about half bound and I machine sewed the binding to the 2nd which is a jelly roll race style in fall colors.  The 3rd is a snowball in red, white and blue.  I like the way Judith quilted each one differently.  Think I'll have at least a couple of entries in the binding blitz.  WOOHOO!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Yet another project

I saw this somewhere out there in blogland and sketched it out for another QOV quilt.  It's a relatively easy thing to put together and I've gotten most of the cutting done so I had to do one row!!  You can't really envision what the overall design will look like from this one row but at least you can tell I've been doing SOMETHING!

Well that's a HORRIBLE picture which makes it even MORE difficult to tell anything!  Oh well, at least it's something.  And it IS red white and blue.

I also picked up 3 quilts from JoAnne who'd taken them to the longarmer.  One is a snowball in red white and blue and will go to a vet hopefully in my Sunday School class.  The other two will go to the women's shelter.  I just need to get busy on the binding so maybe all 3 will qualify for Julie's binding blitz!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015