Thursday, July 23, 2015

Binding semi-on

I love this quilt!  It's a fav and think maybe someday I'll make another.  It's a little labor intensive cutting wise especially if you're trying not to repeat (which didn't matter to me as you can tell).  It's just ALMOST not square as I believe I counted 12X13.  I finally got the scrappy binding made and sewn on by machine.  Even got a little bit of the hand stitching done last night.
How many of you guys are doing the row by row experience?  I had initially resisted but saw that Alycia was doing it and JoAnne had picked up one block in CO for a friend here.  I've seen some really cute finished ones.  In fact, one of the shops today JUST got their first completed quilt (I think the prize was 25 fat quarters or something like that) and some of her rows were adorable.  When I asked where she got a couple, they were from WI, WV and OK (we're in Texas).  I might get a couple from OK (MAYBE, OK?!!) and, if I get up to CO before it's over, might get one from NM and CO.  My niece and sister are headed to Wash. DC and on up to ME so if any shops are close enough that they don't hafta go out of their way, may get some from up there.  Not counting on it though.

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Kyle said...

Really lovely. It's so patriotic and summery.