Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Movin' along

I have 6 rows together now but think I have eight more to put together then attach to these.  I really need to STOP working on other things and get the binding made and on that 3rd quilt.  Maybe this afternoon at least part of that will be accomplished. 
I've become somewhat intrigued by the row by row hopping going on all around the country.  We have a lot of shops around here and one that's about 5 min. from the house so think I'll run up there and check out their row AND their license plate.
Yesterday, I went to our Sunday School class's monthly birthday lunch.  We normally have around 15 gals in attendance on any given month with maybe 2 birthday girls present.  We had around 25 yesterday with 5 or 6 birthday girls.  It was QUITE the event and we had a great time (as we always do).

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JoAnne said...

Looking good now that you have a few more rows - but I'm NOT starting this one! Found some scraps in the QFC closet that looked like something of yours - red, white and blue with a couple of triangles and some two piece rail fence blocks. Thinking I'll cut all of the larger pieces into 2 1/2 inch strips and make a rail fence. One of the whites has ship diagrams on it in red or blue. Remember it?