Thursday, July 30, 2015


I've started yet another project..I think I'm worse than most about that.  But Pam put out a request for the wonky crosses and I made a couple.  I LOVED the photo she showed that was her inspiration and now it is mine!!

I was doing a little row by row hopping yesterday (hit 3 stores NOT nearby and they ALL had fish!  MAN! and TWO did NOT have license plates!!  UGH) so picked up some teal and a little more gray as I was really short in the teal dept.  These have not been trimmed but I'm aiming at 7" finished for the height and the width will be variable.  They're pretty quick to do so hopefully this one will move along. 


Judy Bachman said...

that is interesting. will be fun to see what it looks like as you progress.

Dolores said...

What a fun project. You could probably see the row by row pattern either on the shop's web site or, more than likely, on their facebook page. Plan your shop hop around the patterns that you want to collect. I'm sure the Texas row by row facebook link has photos of some, if not most of the shops' patterns.