Friday, July 10, 2015

Yet another project

I saw this somewhere out there in blogland and sketched it out for another QOV quilt.  It's a relatively easy thing to put together and I've gotten most of the cutting done so I had to do one row!!  You can't really envision what the overall design will look like from this one row but at least you can tell I've been doing SOMETHING!

Well that's a HORRIBLE picture which makes it even MORE difficult to tell anything!  Oh well, at least it's something.  And it IS red white and blue.

I also picked up 3 quilts from JoAnne who'd taken them to the longarmer.  One is a snowball in red white and blue and will go to a vet hopefully in my Sunday School class.  The other two will go to the women's shelter.  I just need to get busy on the binding so maybe all 3 will qualify for Julie's binding blitz!!


JoAnne said...

Another project??? I'm not gonna get sucked into this one, at least not until I finish the two I have going now!!!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing the whole design