Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sandusky and Lake Erie

Two more rows assembled (but not yet stitched down) today.  I had planned on doing one of the paper-pieced rows but that didn't happen.   These two haven't been trimmed or added onto yet either so still a bit of work and I'm NOT looking forward to stitching down the fused pieces on the Sandusky row...arghhhh!


Judy Bachman said...

What have you gotten yourself into..

Kyle said...

Wonderful silhouettes.

Mabel and Ethel of ME Quilt Shoppe said...

Your rows look great. Don't fret about stitching down our silhouette pieces, it's really not that bad. Slow and steady wins the race, so just take your time stitching and all will be good. Thanks for sharing, one of our teachers saw your post on your blog and shared it with us, so glad she did. Happy Stitching, Mabel & Ethel - Sandusky, OH