Thursday, September 10, 2015

Getting more together

Now that the swapping for rows around the country has slowed considerably (row by row officially ended on Sept. 8), I've had a little time to get a few rows put together.  These are extremely easy rows and they are merely fused, not trimmed OR stitched.  I figure I'm going to put together as many as I can and when the long, dark, freezing days of winter get here (much sooner than I'm ready for, I'm sure, since I'm NEVER ready for cold!!), then I can stay in the house where it's nice and cozy and warm and stitch to my heart's content!!  That's the plan anyway--we'll see!!  (Does it seem I say that alot?  I think I do!).


Judy Bachman said...

freezing days of winter get here. Sheryl when is that going to happen? You know you live in Texas and that means many more days of HOT weather.
I will be interesting to see them done....what a project you got yourself in.....what is the next one? You know Christmas is coming.

JoAnne said...

Those are interesting rows. What is the first one and where is it from? I've been blogging my fingers to the bone this week, trying to document our trip so I won't forget. Now to plan another one!!!