Saturday, September 12, 2015

rows and rows

Two more to be added to the group!!  I'm working on TRYING to get the Grand Canyon fused--WOW, is THAT a bugger.  But if I get it done AND done right, it will be worth all the effort and gorgeous to boot.  That thing is entirely laser cut (THANK HEAVENS!!!).

I think there will need to be a lot of dark stitching on the pieces in the top row.  The fishes, birds and anchor don't show up as much as I'd like.  And, as all the others, they're only fused.  No trimming or stitching on any of them yet.  If anyone has the bottom dragonfly row, a bit of advise.  Make sure you have the stupid dragonfly fabric going the right way before you stitch (ask me how I know!!).


JoAnne said...

Well, I think these are my favorites, so far! But then, anything turquoise is always good for me! I looked back at the whale - he's pretty cute too. Can't wait to see them all together in a quilt!

Kristie said...

Beautiful! The row with the anchor is my favorite. My mom is a cook on a boat. The boat pushes barges up and down the Mississippi River. She works a month at a time and I sure do miss her.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day