Friday, December 11, 2015

One more month

Once the holidays are in the rearview mirror, I'll be spending a little time here--can't WAIT!!

I had a group of ladies over in November for bunco which meant I had to get this joint in order.  The master bath reno was completed just prior to the girls coming so it was a HUGE push to get everything cleaned up.   THEN I had a different group come to play all day this week.  I decided between the two not to mess with draggin' the machine and fabric out only to have to put it away again!  I have several projects that need to get wrapped up but just not in the mood for it right now (my Grinch comes out).  Maybe after Christmas is over I'll drag some of it out..we'll see.


Kyle said...

Looks like you have a fantastic vacation spot in the near future. Where are you going?

JoAnne said...

Where are you going? Alone??? Love it, so pretty!