Monday, January 25, 2016

Images from Aulani

One final post regarding Hawaii then time to move on..just thought I'd share some photos taken around Aulani.  They always have more than just a beautiful building..there's meaning behind most everything here.  We took a tour and got all kinds of info regarding the meanings but most of it I've forgotten.  Oops.

Above is just a portion of the gorgeous koi pond and below is the little waterfall in same.
 The structure reflects the surroundings on the island, the mountains represented  on one side (the side this window is on) and the water.
 There is also something about male and female and these paintings on each side represent activities of the males and the other side show the females.

 They had some BEAUTIFUL light features.

Such a pretty shape and texture of this ceiling in one of the long corridors off the entryway.

 Carving in the wood over one of the corridor doorways.
OK, that's it.  Now I really need to get back to the machine and get some stuff finished up..REALLY!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Art festival

While driving back to Aulani, we noticed an "Art Festival" sign just down the road a couple of blocks.  We decided we'd head down there to see what was going on.  It wasn't a huge festival but they had some vendors selling some cute jewelry, paintings, clothing and other assorted goods.  There were these Chinese dragons dancing around and going in and out of the vendor booths.

When they entered the booth, the dragons opened their mouths and the vendors placed a red envelope in.  We asked what this was and why it was done.  We were told there was money in the envelope and that the dragons entering the booth brought a blessing on the business.  Hmmm...interesting.

The festival was held in a beautiful park right next to the ocean and, of course, I had to snap a couple of pix of the ocean.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


After visiting the birthing stones, we stopped by the Dole Plantation and took a little train ride.  It was amazing that the pineapple still needs to be planted by hand and appears to be back-breaking work.  They also mentioned that pineapple are harvested during Hawaii's hottest season and the workers have to be totally covered (long pants, long sleeves, gloves) to protect them from the sharp pointy parts as the pineapple are also harvested by hand.  UGH!

The north shore of Oahu was having some MEGA waves and, of course, we had to see them.  It was a long drive up as traffic was barely crawling (think lots of folks had the same idea we did!!).  We finally found a spot to pull off and watch the waves and they were HUGE.  My pix don't do them justice--you'll just have to take my word for it.

And it was, unfortunately, at this same time that two military helicopters collided up near the MCBH (Marine Corp Base Hawaii) which was near where these pix were taken.  As we watched the waves, there was a search plane flying back and forth looking for survivors.  So sad.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Remember awhile back I mentioned visiting Hawaii?  Well we did and now we're back in the frozen tundra..UGH!!  Staying at Disney's Aulani was quite a wonderful experience and we were lucky enough to have near perfect weather for our entire stay.  We went out on a whale-watching excursion and saw a couple of whales breaching and even the fabulous whale tale but my pictures looked like little black spots in the water.  So I'm sparing you.

We stopped by a tiny restaurant which got super high reviews on  They are very popular with the locals and serve true Hawaiian food.  Reviewers suggested the short ribs as tops so we tried those along with kailua pig and cabbage (pulled pork with cabbage), squid luau, beef with watercress and rice.  I tried it all and have to say I don't think I'd be a good Hawaiian.  None of it was
yummy in my book (especially the squid..GROSS)!!  But hey, we tried it!!

Another thing we found on trip advisor was the site of birthing stones where the Hawaiian 'royalty' was said to have been born.  I'd never heard of it (and apparently neither have many Hawaiians) so we drove out for a look.  Here's more info here.  We couldn't quite get the gist of how the birthing took place in, on, around or near these stones.  But it was a place I never would've visited if there hadn't been info on  A few of my photos--

No clue as to the reason or significance of the leis or other items placed on the stones.  More later.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The cost of a quilt

I saw this out there in blogland somewhere and wanted to post it here so I'd have it handy to share when needed (wink, wink).  They're not Walmart quilts--