Saturday, February 20, 2016

Quilt show!

I went to the quilt show put on by my former guild.  It was a small show but very nice with lots of beautimous quilts and super vendors (though I bought nothing as I really don't need any more stuff!).  My buddy, Joanne, won several ribbons and Mona, who is my favorite longarmer, won several ribbons on her quilts as well!!  Way to go, girls!!  Took just a few photos but did NOT take notes on what belongs to who (very, very bad of me).

I know the one above was made by Joanne.  She told me someone gave her all these 'scraps' from a quilt she'd made and Joanne made this one from the scraps!  WOW huh?

I love the larger bullseye's.  Joanne and I both agreed this would be a fantastic donation quilt!

This beauty was made by Diane, a former member of the guild.

                     This little beauty was made by Ruth Lloyd--she does such pretty work.
Ooo, these blocks were SO tiny..Rachel Cowley made this beauty.

            Just LOVED this one but no clue who made it.  I kinda think Mona quilted it, though.
Just as I was wrapping up looking at all the pretties, it was announced that this exquisite quilt was voted Presidents Choice and was made by Loretta Brennan.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A valentine wish

Since I don't have my valentine anymore, it's not a particularly special day.  But perusing all the vintage valentines one can find on the internet can be pretty entertaining.  Somehow I can't picture anyone today giving this to their valentine...HAHA!  Have a good one!