Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We did a shore excurion on our 2nd day in Puerto Vallarta that took us into the Sierra Madre mountains.  This was our travel vehicle--

it's a unimog and apparently from Germany (more info can be found here).  We visited a roadside bread bakery (I don't particularly like stops like that as they are only for the purpose of raising revenue for the particular vendor) and stopped by the road to eat a 'taco' which was a blue corn tortilla with a hunk of cheese and salsa eaten in hand (and, wouldn't you know it, a vendor selling wood carvings!!).

 We stopped at some botanical gardens and got a little tour.  These birds were SO pretty!  No clue what they are.
I think they said those blue flowers are hibiscus..I've never seen blue hibiscus.

This display was gorgeous!!

We then went to a tequila distillery.  They were giving shots of their various flavors (intended to sell you on the tequila).   I tried the first one and it was GROSS!  Then they had an almond flavored one and I tried it because I LOVE almond flavored things--but NOT tequila.  GROSS!

Finally we stopped at a small ranch where they had prepared a nice lunch.  The best part of the entire trip (thought I had at least a couple of photos but apparently not).   That unimog does NOT provide a smooth ride (with a little help from the poor roads) so we were bouncing and jiggling almost the entire time (we were not only seat-belted in but also had hand straps to hang onto!

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Judy Bachman said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation....Isn't Mother Nature the greatest.