Sunday, May 29, 2016

Time to remember

What our brave men and women (AND their families) do for us daily.  I think of them often and remember them in my prayers.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

to all you mothers out there.  My mom's been gone for nearly 16 yrs.  If you still have your  mom, give her a big hug and a kiss as she'd probably like that more than anything else!!  And tell her you love her!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Something new

And it's not quilty.  I know I've been basically a non-blogger (as far as quilting goes anyway) for quite some time.  And not sure how much longer it'll be like that though I have been having some pangs of regret for not quilting as I really need to get a bunch of stuff finished up, need to go through my stash and thin it out big time and get stuff donated!!!  But that hasn't happened yet.  Every time I see Diana's blog that she started as her girl scout program, it really makes me want to cut a TON of 2.5" strips.  I actually love the scrappy trips block and have made a couple of those quilts.  We'll see.

But I've just started a new volunteer activity that I think I'm going to really like.  My friend, Joanne, has done it for years and I've considered it for quite some time but just never quite seemed to get around to it.  We had two members of our Sunday School class require their services and that, I guess, was the impetus I needed.  So I filled out my paperwork,  did my training and have done two sub routes though I will have my very own route very soon.  I know, I haven't mentioned what it is yet.

Meals on Wheels of Norman's Blog | Just another weblog
I really enjoy talking to the older folks and I know they appreciate what Meals on Wheels provides.  I volunteer once a month with my church group at the Ronald McDonald house providing the families there a yummy home cooked dinner.  And during this past school year, I volunteered at an elementary school our church partners with doing Kids Bible Beach Club once a week.

But I do hope to get back to quilting soon.  Maybe when it gets too hot to do anything outside!