Monday, June 27, 2016

Woohoo..yet another finished (except for that one stupid little short seam that didn't get clipped!).  So now it will go back in the machine for another rinse and spin and back in the dryer so that one seam can get all raveled up like the rest.  For cryin' out loud!  I have two more sets of squares stacked with the batting already in so I can go in and stitch a little or a lot depending on my mood and maybe crank another couple out before too long.  Then I'll have to get to cutting in order to accomplish more than two.  I'll get around to it eventually.

I'm really liking the Meals on Wheel deliveries, so much that I usually do a sub route in addition to my regular route.  This week I'm doing three routes!!  I just love doing something for our seniors.  I had one little man today that was using a cane and had the other arm in a sling!  Was wondering if he'd fallen or what--he asked me to check his mail which I happily did but it hadn't arrived yet.  Sure hope someone else will check and bring it to him.


Judy Bachman said...

Who gets the baby quilts that you are doing? Love the colors.

Alycia said...

Oh I bet that is so fun to meet the seniors. They always have the BEST stories!!!