Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4th

We had a fun day yesterday over at my niece's with tons of food as usual.  So glad I didn't take a dessert as there were too many and not much eaten (though the homemade ice cream went quickly as always).  We tried taking some family photos but the window behind us wiped out pretty much everyone in the back row.  This one turned out fairly well although my dopey sister covered her face with the pinwheel.  What's the point of taking a picture if  you cover your face?!  :-(

The little kitty that made it into the picture is Magoo--he's blind but such a sweetie!  My niece is a sucker for the dogs and cats most others wouldn't want.  She has the blind cat, another kitty with a nervous disorder that causes her to walk wobbly and a German Shepherd with 3 legs (there are 2 'normal' cats and 1 'normal' dog..HA).


Kyle said...

You have to love the interesting people a family brings together.

JoAnne said...

Great family photo - y'all looked like you were havin' fun!

Judy Bachman said...

They are just plain crazy.....years from now you will really laugh about all the silly photos you have taken.