Monday, July 18, 2016

Monthly trip

Our ladies group from church goes to the antique mall once a month to celebrate that month's birthdays with lunch at the tea room.  There's always quite a substantial group and I'm sure we totally overwhelm the poor, overworked wait staff in addition to the kitchen staff.  I would not want those jobs for anything.  But I always try to get there a little early so I can check out the offerings to be had.  This month I was on the hunt for old yardsticks as I've seen some really cute craft items using them.  I was lucky enough to come across 5 (I think) as well as a beautiful crystal divided bowl (the LAST thing I really need but sparkles lure me in..ugh).

Anywho, I came across one interesting quilt and one interesting sewing machine that I wanted to share as I'd never personally seen anything like either one of them.  The quilt was hung behind a tall dresser so didn't get the full quilt in the pix but I think you get the gist of it anyway.

I love the rocker, ice tea barrel and cute little log house..the lamp's OK, too.   But that quilt is cool.  I really need to get back up there and see what the price was on the quilt (and maybe some of the other stuff, too!).

Then there was this Pfaff..

Cool, huh?  I think the price on it was $48 but I REALLY don't need another sewing machine, especially an old one that I know nothing about taking care of it.  Just thought it was nifty.


Kyle said...

What a lovely tradition with your friends and it gives you a day to poke around some interesting stuff.

Judy Bachman said...

That is what my grandmother's sewing machine looked like...