Friday, September 16, 2016


I've been on a cruise (got off this past Sunday) so nothing going on for a couple of weeks.  I DID do a little rowing for myself and a few others on the way down to Galveston.  Stopped at 6 shops (which means 6 rows) and then did NASA afterwards so it was a LONG day.  I was so glad I had called ahead and pre-ordered/pre-paid.  That way I didn't get distracted by looking at all the pretties since I didn't have time for all that!  LOL  Then #2 son and I enjoyed a most wonderful cruise on the beautiful Carnival Breeze.  The cruise director was fantastic (which can make or break a cruise) and our wait staff in the dining room was great as well.  Ready to go again!!

Today, one of the local guilds, Trinity Valley, was having a quilt show so I ran down and took a quick spin around the floor.  There were lots of beauties and I took many pix to share with you.  I may do all the pictures over 3-4 days so it doesn't take you forever.  I've also slowly been working on my rows and will share more pix of those soon.

Now, on to the show...

My friend, JoAnne, collaborated with my longarm quilter, Mona, to make this little beauty.  I think they BOTH did a great job.  I LOVE it!  Congrats on your win girls (a beautiful 2nd place ribbon!).


JoAnne said...

These quilts were some of my favorites! I'm loving the brighter quilts now.

Kyle said...

So glad you had a wonderful cruise. Quilts shows are always an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.