Friday, October 14, 2016

Been workin'

On a few different projects..trying to get some QOV's to the longarm stage which means I have a couple of backings to make.  Then I started on another QOV top and also fell for a QAL!  Why do I DO that?!!!  Sure hope I like what's ultimately being made with the products of the QAL and, if not, they're so cute (so far) that I can put them together into something I DO like!!  :-)  Here's what I've made so far--

There are a few more in progress and I'd been thinking I should make a fall leaves quilt so this will at least have some!!  I've seen some cute projects on Pinterest using this block so I'll find something to do with them if not what we're working on.

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carol fun said...

Your leaves look wonderful!!! Oh I blame the internet for sucking me into sooooo many projects... the shiny new ones are so hard to resist. But I figure as long as it makes me happy it is a good thing...have fun with all your projects!