Thursday, November 17, 2016


I promise I'll get back to some quilting content before too much longer but for me, I want to keep track of travels and quilts!  So you must suffer along if you want.  Our next stop was Belize and we took a GREAT excursion to the ruins at Xunantunich (don't ask me how to pronounce it).  They were beautiful and one HUGE pyramid.  In order to get to the ruins we had to take a little hand-cranked ferry across a very small river (no clue why they don't just build a small bridge).

GROSS!  A termite nest in the tree!!
Did I climb up there?  Uh, NO--they didn't have handrails back then.  Besides, I don't think my knee would've made it up very far.  I do need to remember to take my walking stick with me when I travel.

The little hand-cranked ferry across the river.

This tour took ALL DAY..we got off the ship and straight to the bus, driving 2 hours to get to the ruins.  Got off, spent about an hour or so at the ruins, back on the bus, drove to a restaurant for a meal, back on the bus driving non-stop back to the ship.  Not even a few minutes to shop as when we arrived back at the port we were hurried onto the tender since we were among the last back onboard.


Judy Bachman said...

I thought with a quick look that it was a bird in the tree instead of termites. You know the eyes are the first to go.

Kyle said...

Sounds like a fun yet busy day!