Friday, November 18, 2016

Little French Key (Honduras)

Our port of call was Roatan in Honduras but I went over to Little French Key.  It's a beautiful private little island and has gorgeous beach areas, lot of chairs, hammocks, loungers, etc. in sun, shade or some of each.  They have snorkeling, paddleboards, horses to ride, kayaks, etc.  They even have a small 'zoo' of sorts but most were not exotic--there were goats, chickens and roosters, bunnies.  Stuff we see on farms, at the fair, etc.  There was a leopard but think he went into his house before I got a picture.  There were 3 of these little fellows and they looked so lonely.  No clue why each was in a cage all by himself.  There was this one who interacted more than the other two.

Doesn't he look a little sad?

This is the area where we docked--think this is owned by Carnival and there was a chair lift you could hop over to the free beach.  I should've just done that.  Would have been much cheaper than Little French Key.  Oh well...

I spotted this on the other side of the ship.  No clue what happened here!

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