Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Here are our family photos for 2016.  Those tall hats and antlers kinda interfered with those on the back row.  Of course the first is our silly pose and the second is supposed to be the serious (even though we left our 'costumes' on).  My baby was missing this Christmas since he was on a cruise that his friend won the last time they cruised together.  I hate it when someone's missing :-(

And then my nephew came up with a goofy game for us to play.  It was pretty funny but not as funny as the game at Thanksgiving (with those things in our mouths!!).  This one had a wrapped gift (very SECURELY wrapped with LOTS of tape and no loose paper) and involved a hat and pair of silicone cooking mitts plus dice.  One person began rolling two dice while the person next to him tried to don the hat and mitts and attempt to get the package unwrapped.  Most of the time, we'd no sooner get the hat on and the dice roller rolled a double and you had to pass to the next person.  I didn't think we'd EVER get the paper even remotely off the package but finally by #1 son got most of it and my nephew got the remaining off to end the game.
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